Lomb scaccias (or calzones or pie), or: as I feed my wife when she's watching tv novelas

Bedda matri, I didn't know that you Americans cooked our national Sicilian "scacce" (ska-tchee) or impanate of calzones or pie, as you call them. It's and excellent idea, I'll cook it when my wife's watching her tv novelas and doesn't turn away her eys from tv neither during commercials, cause she is afraid to miss the beginning when commercial is over.
So, you surely will appreciate my scaccia country Easter version, as my grand mother Matilda used to cook it for all of us: I, my father Pippo and my mother, my aunt Lidia and Rosetta and Aurora, and my uncles Luigi and Aldo and my cousins Elisa, Dan, Tony, Marzia, my sister and my grand father Antonino, good soul (bonarmùzza) (may be I forget someone).

Usually my grand mother didn't use pizza dough. She used to knead water, bread flour and baking powder on the scaniaturi, or sbrìula. Sorry, I haven't a Sicilian/English dictionary. Here it is:

If you are only two, you don't need it. A table will be ok. But you surely need these

For pizza dough:
- bread flour: 500 gr
- yeast baking powder
- olive oil, 4 spoons
- water, 300 mL

For lomb filling:
- lomb meat, 300 gr, deboned
- fresh peas, 150 gr
- onion, 1

Knead components of pizza dough, not too firm, not sticky. Leave it covered to blow up.
In the meantime, fry onions and lomb meat, chopped, add peas, cover with broth and leave covered, low fire, for one hour and half, two hours. It will become sweet and tender. At the end, put up fire and make it dry.

Now, roll the dough as slim as you can (ok, don't overdo with slimming), put lomb meat in the center, cover and close. Now put in the oven, 450 degrees for 30 minutes:

My grand mother used to buy entire lombs and she did other appetizing things with lomb trimmings and lomb head, but I'll tell you next time.


Susan said...

Wow! Is that oven in your house? I'll love one!

renzo said...

Bedda matri, sure! I've kept all in my attic: the oven, the sbrìvula and my grand mother Matilda too. It's a little bit unconfortable, cause when I want to bake some bread I have to bring all in the hall. I've tried also with lambs but they bleat all the time.

Blaise Santianni said...

Do you mean lamb? En espanol, se llama cordero o corderito. No hablo italiano.

RENZO said...

lamb? It's agneddu, do you speak siciliano? No? Ok, cordero, the kid of the sheep, you know?